Mandarina Studio is an entire world of Glass Artwork Creation.

The studio contains professional tools, a stove and a variety of colorful Murano glass poles from Italy.

While visiting in the studio, one can experience the fascinating process of sculpting the glass into colored beads that pile up on the counter and at the end of the process are compiled into unique pieces of jewelry.

Each piece in the studio is hand-crafted with lots of love and attention to detail.

Annexed to the studio is Rina’s colorful workshop where she teaches the secrets of glass sculpting.

Rina Appelbaum is a glass artist who breathes and dreams everything in colors. Rina creates her art and raises her four children in the Golan Heights. Today, the glass jewels are exported from the studio worldwide.

While visiting in Israel you are welcome to visit and experience Mandarina’s studio and join one of the unique workshops

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